Dear Gang,

Thank you for bearing with us over the last couple of years. I know that there has been some disappointment over there not being a festival last year and hope you will all understand that it was not an easy decision.

I feel that after 19 years many of you have become more like family than customers and as such I feel a camaraderie but also a responsibility to not give up on the yearly gathering and all the friendships made, spontaneous music played on and off stage and general madness that it brings!

We shall be running the festival next year on the dates July 26th - 28th.

In light of circumstances that were out of our control a few years ago we had to have a re-shuffle, finding a new venue with new infrastructure and a new concept. Trying to create a viable festival because of those factors was financially challenging.

In order to continue the tradition, and in honour of you and ourselves we would like to hold a  festival next year with the ethos of the one I would have held 20 years previously.

There will be good music, good beer and simple food options and some loos!

There will not be showers, show girls or dance floors!

We will be releasing 200 tickets at a cost of £65 each.

The only deal this year being that we ask that the community supports us in spreading the word and understands that like many of the crowdfunded schemes around we would like to secure the sale of 200 tickets before we can go ahead.

I can post regular updates on ticket sales and would hope to secure enough by April..